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EUCSA’s Queer Co(llective) is a student-led committee dedicated to creating a safer space for individuals who want to explore, learn about, and engage with all things queer and more. We are here to organize and host a diverse range of events such as film screenings, workshops, pre-parties, talks, and more. 

As a collective, we value all experiences and aim to provide a voice for all people and groups who have been silenced by society. This means that alongside topics surrounding the queer community, we strive to acknowledge the experiences of Black/People of Color, Femmes (of any gender), Trans Women, Latin Women, and Sex Workers. As a collective, our aim is to provide: Safer spaces, engagement, the bigger picture, and community. 

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Isa Picture.jpeg

Hi hi :) I'm Isa (she/they), this year’s chair of the Queer Collective! Having been general member last year im super excited to be working with the new collective and keep centering Queerness and safer space making <3 I'm hoping to continue our hard and reflective work on taking an intersectional approach so watch out for all the sick collaborations coming your way. Besides my time spent on QueerCo I occasionaly make visual arts and generally creative things like cooking, sewing, and dancing. I encourage everyone who is interested to engage and get in contact with us when you have cool ideas or things you wanna pitch. @isa.schulting &

Anna Picture.jpeg


Helloooo my name is Anna (she/they), QueerCo’s treasurer this year!! Growing up I never really had the opportunity to be surrounded by such a lovely queer community so I am super grateful to be part of this committee and further my understanding about queerness. I am very excited to contribute to creating safer spaces to discuss and learn about queerness together, both in and outside of the EUC community. We also have some supaaaaah cool events planned so I can’t wait to see everyone there. Outside of QueerCo, I love anything creative, so I try to read, play piano when I have the time, and have also started oil painting!! Lots of love and feel free to reach out to me on insta @anna.gakes xxoxooxox

George Picture.jpeg

Hey lovelies! I’m George (They/Them) and I’m a third year cultural analysis major. I’m also a general and official photographer of this year’s queerco!! I’ve been very active in the Queer community even back home in Chile and would love to bring that same enthusiasm for Queerness to EUC. In my spare time I like to make short films, watch movies that other people have made, taking photos, singing songs, teaching Spanish, baking bread and anything in between. Very excited to make EUC a safer and more inclusive space this academic year! If you need anything or need an ear to help out send me a message on Instagram @papiliomemnon_

Liv Picture.jpeg

Hi, my name is Liv (she/her), and I am a general member of QueerCo and am an exchange student from the UK, in my third year. I am super excited to be a part of QueercC and am looking forward to meeting lots of cool new people and to assist in the continuation of an accepting community. I hope to organise a lot of awesome events that entice the Queer community and just hang out in a safer space. Being in a Queer community is new to me but so far, I love it. In my free time I like to listen to 80s music and go to museums and the cinema; and I am looking forward to discovering what Rotterdam’s and EUC have to offer. I like swimming, chocolate, playing games and free food! Looking forward to seeing everyone at events. 

Katja Picture.jpeg
Sterre Picture.jpeg
Tomek Picture.jpeg

Hi all! I’m Katja, general member of QueerCo the coming year 😊. Currently I’m in my last year at EUC, and going to try to make it a good one. Apart from worrying about what I actually want to do with my life after I finish, I spent most of my time going to concerts or practicing my violin. Music is the absolute love of my life, and has been taking up most of my time the last few years, as I used to study classical violin at Codarts, next to EUC. I sadly wasn’t able to finish it due to an injury, so now I’m trying to expand my circles by getting more involved in the queer community, and by actively helping to provide safer spaces within EUC and Rotterdam. Coming from an immigrant family, I am also active in the Bosnian-Dutch community, and very passionate about finding ways to bring these two worlds closer together. I am very happy to be able to work on this with QueerCo, and excited for what we’re going to be doing this year!

Hey everyone, my name is Sterre (I don’t really care for labels so you can use any pronouns you want). I am a second year and I am majoring in Political Science and International Relations. In my spare time I like to watch movies (my favourite movie is Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King), chill with my friends, go out dancing, read, game, listen to music, and unfortunately I work a lot :(. Before EUC I did not feel very comfortable in my Queerness, but EUC has helped me so much in accepting myself. All I want to do is provide safer spaces, and help others feel accepted as well. So, please, always feel free to reach out. Unfortunately I am not really active on social media, but you can always ask my WhatsApp or just approach me at school or any event. I am very excited to work in QueerCo, as I am pretty new to Queer spaces. I can't wait for what this year has to bring :)

Salutations! My name is Tomek (he/they); a general member of QueerCo, life sciences major, and local expert in long distance dating. I’m an avid fan of visual arts, spending a good deal of my time (and effort) pushing myself in that direction. One day, something might come of it, but in the meantime, I dedicate myself to learning more and helping the queer community! QueerCo is important to me because my own sexuality was so central to who I am today - I can’t imagine a life without my wonderful boyfriend, and so I want to help fight for a better future for all! Other than that, I’m an aficionado of 80’s music, into anything typically “geek”, lusophile by love life, and a HUGE fan of birds, and paleontology! (Ask me why dinosaurs had feathers) @gshnezzberry

Amy Picture.jpeg
Jeanne Picture.jpeg

Yo, my name is Amy (she/her) and I'm a general member for QueerCo. I'm a first year student in EUC, probably majoring in Neuroscience next year. I can't wait to meet loads of new people and plan and go to events in the year. Ever since I joined the GSA in highschool, it's been my goal to make every space a safer space for everyone. I'm hoping that I can be a valuable member this year. I'm into makeup, baking, cooking and partying harder than everyone around me. I guarantee this year is gonna be epic.

hey everyone! my name is jeanne, i’m a third year majoring in international law. this is my second year as a queerco member, and i am now also the collective’s representative in the intersectional council. i have really enjoyed working with queerco and eucsa, and can’t wait for another year of fun events! reach out to me if you have any questions xxx

Lots of love xxx QueerCo 2021/2022

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