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House Rules

Please keep in mind our house rules, not following these rules can and will result in immediate expulsion from the venue and from future EUCSA events. We will also inform the relevant authorities. Likewise, we grant the right to deny entry in case of excessive intoxication, and/or transgressive behavior.


  • This space is an intentional space, make sure to play your part and look out for your friends/community. Be an active bystander.

  • You are entering a Queer-catered space. Freedom of expression is at the core of this space, any attitude that is not open-minded and accepting towards this is unwelcome.

  • You are entering a POC-catered space. Refrain from cultural appropriation and mockery at all times. Racial slur use is not tolerated, as well as any other slur-use.

  • Don’t make other people a spectacle, no one is there for your entertainment, please let everyone enjoy their time :)

  • Don’t assume people's gender or sexuality. Respectfully ask about someone’s pronouns. 

  • Spiking/drugging is by no means tolerated. Watch out for your drinks.

  • No-camera policy on the dance floor! The photographer will be consensually capturing the memories to be shared later, and you can take pictures in the POING basement. 

  • Respect the venue, artists and staff. Show gratitude!

  • Zero tolerance for harassment, acts of aggression, or hostility of any nature, and any and all actions that don’t prioritize consent and boundaries.

  • Zero tolerance for discrimination and/or the denying of someone’s existence and identity by any means, such as:

  • Discrimination against sexual orientation/gender identity/gender expression

  • Racism & Xenophobia

  • Body Shaming & Ableism

  • Sexual Violence & Harassment

  • Misogyny & Femmephobia

  • Derogatory Language & Attitudes

  • Discrimination towards Religion & Beliefs

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