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The archive

We made this archive with the idea that it is important for queer people to have a place where they can find out about queer history and art, since this is often not taught in our own schools. We will be collecting everything queer: new books, documentaries, film lists, music, and queer artists from Rotterdam. Feel free to send in an idea for an article for our blog or just anything. You can also check out our photo gallery with pictures from past events!


What to know about pronouns

October 20th marks Pronoun day, Queer Co would like to use this occasion to shed some light on common misconceptions and questions...


Local queer artist archive

My Hip Event, MM/DD/YY

Describe your event here and generate buzz. Where's it happening, and when does it start?

Claire Vulgaire


Our favorite fluid member has created this feminist masterpiece and we all recommend you to listen to it! Make way for radical feminist dutch pop;)

Click here for Spotify

Und Wir Leben Doch  by Jacco Hoogvliets

The importance of showing queer love

One love

Robert Mapplethorpe

Larry and Bobby Kissing 

Doron Langberg 

Louis, Tristan and Sarah

Joan E. Biren

Priscilla and Regina

Gran Fury  

Kissing Doesn't Kill, Greed and Indifference Do

Eric Gyamfi

Ama and Shana at lunch

Catherine Opie

Mike and Sky

Clifford Prince King

Lovers in a field

Clifford Prince King

just the two of us

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