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Queer photography we've been loving

Dustin Thierry

Dustin Thierry is an outstanding photographer capturing the opulence and grandeur of Europe’s contemporary Ballroom scene. His work “Opulence” has truly done the ballroom community justice. His work sensitively explores this community. By doing this, he contests how mainstream media can be exploitative of marginalized communities. What makes it even better, is that this project was dedicated to his brother, who himself experienced hardships as a queer person of color in the Netherlands. QueerCo recommends everyone to read up about his work.

BG Osborne

BG Osborne uses their photography and cinematography as a medium through which they aim to explore the different embodiments of gender and their privilege as a descendant of settler-colonists in Canada. Their project titled “A THOUSAND CUTS” shows misrepresentation of the trans community and the (violent) experiences of the trans communities. Osborne manages to have the audience question how “a joke” might be aggression.

Laurence Philomen

Laurence Philomen is a non-binary artist from Montreal, Canada. Their art celebrates “identity as a space in constant flux via high-saturated, cinematic, vulnerable images”. It represents their own experience as a chronically ill, non-binary person growing up in an increasingly digitalized world. Their “Puberty” project captures the experience of going through puberty as a gender minority. Mixing bedroom pictures, visual representations of trans bodies, and personal notes, their work feels vulnerable.

Lanee Bird/@lovvr

Lanee Bird is an amazing, Indigenous photographer from Brooklyn, New York that reveals the “intersection of fine art, fashion, and fetishism”. Her work manages to create erotic, kinky art that worships queer femmes instead of being shaped by the male gaze. We just love to see it.

Nan Goldin - ballad of sexual dependency

This 700 picture slideshow on YouTube captures the post-stonewall lives of sexual minorities in Berlin, Boston, and New York. As a classic, many contemporary queer photographers take inspiration from this slideshow. It visits themes like drug use, sex, and nightlife. “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is the diary I let people read.” “The diary is my form of control over my life. It allows me to obsessively record every detail. It enables me to remember.”

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